Magnetic Migration

     If you’ve come across this page as a result of finding a little metal bird perched in an unlikely place, thank you for being curious enough to explore your find further.  I would like to invite you to participate in my little project which stemmed from a series of sculptures I was creating which featured delicate birds juxtaposed against more imposing massive forms. I realized I could only push the contrast so far before it became impractical to build and transport the works, so I decided to employ "ready made" objects such as bridges and other steel structures to comprise the bulk of the composition, and attach the birds with magnets.

     I will be placing a series of these magnetic “Nuthatch” sculptures in various sites that I find interesting as I travel around the country, in the hopes that curious folks will come across them as they go about their lives. If you’ve found one of these little sculptures,  I would love to have your participation by asking you to find another steel surface and create your own composition with the bird for another curious person to find.   If you come up with a particularly interesting placement and send me a photo and any other information about the sculptures location (city, state, date), and you provide me with a way to get in contact with you, I’ll send you one of the little birds to keep for your own.  If you just can’t part with the one you’ve found and prefer to keep it,, that’s ok too.  If you could leave a comment that the bird is “out of circulation” I’d be grateful.  

Thanks in advance for your participation.


© Don Rambadt  2021